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Thread started by Oskorei New Messages  

2005-08-06 09:20:12  -  Grats to all level 60's!
Having no active account, I'd like to use the forum to give a big warm "gratz" to all who dinged their (second) character to 60! Perhaps we might raid something together one day! =)
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Oskorei, 60 druid (Legion)
Fossegrim, 47 paladin
Wonderwoman, 22 Shaman
Kowarpoak, 10 warlock
Kiba, 11 hunter
Mazzie, 15 mage
Thirza, 10 rogue...and then some...but I forgot :P

2005-08-06 18:28:56  -  Re: Grats to all level 60's!
I have 2 chars now thats ready to attain some raids...i should prolly 5man some more thou :-P
Server - Draenor
Fayne 60 Priest ~ Zanith 60 Warrior
Furinax 3x Warlock ~ Linyah 60 Hunter
Gharn 60 Rogue ~ Slithice 3x Druid
Sanzor 60 Paladin ~ Thavall 3x Mage