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2005-10-18 08:22:43  -  to Archeon
u dissapeared last night=( anyhow i mailed u a hammer and those dmg buff thingies that u can make in blacksmithing, ill look out for an axe tonight , just wanted to let u know=)

2005-10-18 08:59:07  -  Re: to Archeon
Yeah thanks, I got them when I logged in quickly to check the mail/mail you.

In any case, I sent you a mail explaining why I buggered off with no warning. Sorry about that, and don't forget to roll an NE Druid ;P

2005-10-18 09:06:00  -  Re: to Archeon
What the hell are you doing anyway? :-P
You both just logged of all of the sudden and Tiste mentioned something about a Horde character? ^^
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2005-10-18 10:05:09  -  Re: to Archeon
We hit Peons :D

2005-10-18 10:23:44  -  Re: to Archeon
mmm we ran around poking peons with our foremen jack =) was great fun =)=)turning arch into a hoard, its easy to fall for the dark side=P

okis ill read it when i get back home, and i might be looking in on that NE some time soon , though i really need to lvl for MC and that crap by the end of the month<-?? spelling =P

and u remember my chars ,duiker if u want to make another run sometime , im usually on him=) otherwise zendrik icarium zyster or heboric =) though i play duiker mostly
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