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2006-01-20 08:47:14  -  @ arch
are u back from ur vacation yet???

2006-01-22 04:28:15  -  Re: @ arch
Tiste wrote:
"are u back from ur vacation yet???"

He is playing WoW, what else did you expect?
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2006-01-24 14:37:37  -  Re: @ arch
to do like the rest of the people with still functioning brains , and get back where the action is....

at least thats what everyone else that has already had the chance to do the MC thing has done=P

and he did say he was gonna pop in and say hi in daoc after he was back from vaction

and classic really is pretty good=P

2006-03-20 19:49:53  -  Re: @ arch
Tiste wrote:
"and he did say he was gonna pop in and say hi in daoc after he was back from vaction"

Hehe, yeah I am still planning on 'coming back' to DAoC for a short while. Just I joined a raiding guild shortly before Christmas, and it's taken up a lot of my game time.

... that, and i've gotten at least two phone bills recently which read like the old testament and have 'this is not a circular' stamped all over them :D

2006-04-10 11:51:04  -  Re: @ arch
good good , im the classic server name is remiel or trud , healer and valkyrie=)
check the patch notes i think ull like them , and i guess classic would be the best seeing that its more like the how daoc was b4 the BB invation
<-- zendrik@hotmail.com just write something to me when ur planing on signing up and ill help u get started

hope to seeya soon=)

um sry taking time to reply=/
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