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Thread started by Oskorei New Messages  

2005-03-22 08:31:35  -  Bloodscalp
The Tiwaz news stated Bloodscalp as our intended Horde PvP server. Since there's been alot going on about PvP servers, I checked if this might be the right one to create new characters on. Apparently it was one of the medium servers, where others where highly populated. So I created Skeggi, the level 9 Taur Shaman there. Formpoak has a level 9 Taur warrior there named Idimmu. We'll play those chars from time to time, but our mains will still be on Draenor ofc.

PS On what server does ralgedi play?
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2005-03-22 09:40:31  -  Re: Bloodscalp
Cba to make a pvp char really...mainly since Battlegrounds will be funnier.

I don´t remember what server Ralg played on, but you can find him somewhere on FH in WoW threads. I know its listed there.
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