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Thread started by Fayne New Messages  

2005-05-17 04:47:04  -  2 new members
Just wanted to let everyone know.

We got 2 new members atm:

Some of you might already have seen Ecnar the rogue. Its one of my rl friends. He plays a mage too called Maggi. 34 or smt.
He wanted to join, so i gave him an invite. This is his first mmorpg, but he was quite eager from start to try it :-P

Cililias the pally. One of my friends from army. He played Alb/Excal, so not completely off with mmorpgs. He heard i was already playing and got it the other day, and decided to ask me on Msn on what server, etc :-)

Anyway, make em feel welcome ^^
Server - Draenor
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