Tyr's Handful tabards

These are the tabard suggestions that got sent in, 'numbered' from A to G.
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A: Tyr as the Rising Sun, Bringer of Dawn, etc.
Tyr is a god of Justice and of the Sky. As the Rising Sun, he brings light where there is darkness, justice where there is none. This may not be an ideal concept for night elves, but it holds true to what Tyr stands for, if more in the D&D frame of mind than in the traditional Nordic.
B: Fangs of Fenris
Tyr is the bravest of the gods, and it is his braveness that is remembered in this tabard. Jokingly called "Eirene's Hauberk" by Thorarin, the fearsome teeth of the emblem symbolize those of Fenris the Wolf, son of Loki. Tyr was the only God brave enough to put his hand in the Wolf's mouth to give the other gods time to tie him down. Tyr lost his hand in the process, and is forever remembered as the One-Handed God.
C: Fenris Revisited
The golden border on Tabard B is a symbol of nobility, but as this emblem specifically points to Tyr's Nordic heritage, perhaps a fur border is more fitting ;)
D: The Winged Helm
Not exactly a Nordic helm, but it sure looks heroic! Added bonus is that it even looks decent on Night Elves ;) Again a fur border, but perhaps the light one is prettier, I don't know.
E: The Sword and Shield
This is where Tyr is different from the other gods. Where Thor swings his hammer Mjollnir and Odin favors his mighty spear Gungnir, Tyr has always preferred a simple sword. Before the Fenris incident he would swing with his right hand, but since it was bitten off, he has strapped a shield to his right arm, and swings his sword with his left hand as if nothing ever happened. Tyr in his role as the Shield of the Weak.
F: Iri's suggestion
G: Ketor's suggestion
Masterfully hidden behind his beard on the preview window, so...